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Make a visit with me, Dr. Shawn Postma, your Woodinville Naturopathic Doctor. I work with purposeful individuals who want to get lasting relief, reclaim their health, and thrive in life. (Check out some of the health issues I commonly treat below).



Irritable Bowel Syndrome




Back Pain






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“Together we will help heal the underlying cause of your health issue so that you can return to a life you love, filled with a contagious energy and joy that will last.”

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Whether you are looking to get some blood work done, guidance on how to improve your diet, or need a spinal adjustment, there is no lack of options. Don’t settle for “this is how it is going to be” or “there is nothing more we can do for you.”

See What Other Patients are Saying...

I came to Dr. Postma after having tried and tried to find an answer for my health issues from various prestigious hospitals in the area….

Anne Marie S.

I love working with Dr. Postma. He is a knowledgeable, caring, and patient doctor who is excellent at his craft….

Scott W.

When I first began working with Dr. Postma, I had already been turned away from five previous medical doctors who didn't know how to help me... other than to tell me to “let go of stress” and perhaps try an antidepressant drug. This was a very scary point in my life as I had quickly come upon severe digestive issues, debilitating fatigue, and hormonal acne in a very short period of time. I knew my health had rapidly declined over a period of a few months and I intuitively could not accept that I was simply supposed to relax. I needed help as I could feel my health and hope getting worse every day. My first appointment with Dr. Postma was 2 hours long as he dug into every aspect of my health history and current conditions. I felt heard and understood as a patient. He immediately devised a plan for my recovery, along with my input, and ordered lab tests. Sure enough, the labs provided clear insight into what was going on with my body. He helped put me on a focused treatment plan, provided nutritional recommendations, and supplemental herbs and vitamins to support my healing. I immediately started to feel improvement and like I was on the right track. For anyone who has ever been seriously ill, you know it took awhile to get your body in that sort of poor condition. Years of burning the candle at both ends in my corporate career, poor nutrition, and genetics had played a part in my health falling apart. With a treatment plan in place, Dr. Postma helped me get my health – and life – back on track. To be honest, I remember the person I was at my first visit – crying, scared, nervous, and fearful for what was happening to my body. Now, I am a happy, motivated, and energetic person. I am the first in my house to bounce out of bed every morning! I’ve created a beloved career out of the ashes of my former life, learned how to comfortably live a healthy lifestyle, and learned sustainable work/life balance. Dr. Postma’s guidance has been central to my transformation. Furthermore, working with Dr. Postma has been especially powerful because I have been able to schedule counseling and shamanic appointments as needed, right alongside with my medical appointments. As we all know, our thoughts, behaviors, and internal sense of purpose have a profound impact on our overall health. Having a doctor who can understand and support me in all dimensions of my health and well-being is a rare gem in the medical field. This is why I am happy to refer my own clients and friends to his care whenever the opportunity arises. He is someone I trust and has helped me change my life for the better. I will always be grateful for his health care and guidance through that very challenging period in my life.

Nicole Smith

Certified Health Coach and Private Yoga Teacher, Nicole Dawn Yoga and Wellness

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