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Dr. Shawn Postma, Woodinville NaturopathDr. Shawn Postma is a naturopathic physician who helps people with chronic illness restore their health from toxic mold syndrome, IBS, SIBO, histamine intolerance, MCAS, Lyme disease, heavy metal toxicity, and breast implant illness (BII).

He believes that chronic stress and environmental toxicity/pathogens are often at the heart of chronic illnesses, which has led him to additionally specialize in biofeedback, detoxification, and environmental medicine.

Dr. Postma has served as adjunct faculty at Bastyr as a professor. He is certified as a HeartMath® practitioner, in the Walsh Detoxification Program, and Advanced IV Therapy. He is currently an active member of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) and the International Society for Environmentally Acquired Illness (ISEAI).

Dr. Postma holds a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University and a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Puget Sound. He completed his medical residency with a clinical focus in IV Therapy, oncology, and chronic illness.

A few unique qualities about Dr. Postma are his perseverance, compassionate presence, and openness. He is a self-taught juggler, nature-enthusiast, family man, and he loves learning about indigenous approaches to medicine and healing.

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My Story

I was in constant pain, feeling hopeless, and had exhausted my options within the conventional medical system before I had my first visit with a Naturopathic doctor.

Several months before I got to this point I worked on a fishing boat in Alaska for 3-months and ended up getting severe carpal tunnel syndrome in both of my wrists, which was basically causing severe numbness, tingling, and muscle weakness in my fingers.

At the time, I was told that surgery was my only and best option. So without really knowing better, and trusting that doctors know best, I decided to go ahead with the surgery.

Regrettably, my recovery took much longer than the few months the doctor told me. I was still in pain and now my muscle strength in my hands was even weaker. I spent the next several months going from specialist to specialist to get relief, but instead what I got was countless hours of therapy, a financial mess, and various pharmaceutical concoctions. Nothing seemed to be working.

I eventually was encouraged by a friend to go see a Naturopathic doctor. A “Naturo…what?”, I asked. At this point in my life, I was really skeptical of alternative or natural medicine. I just recently received my bachelor degree in sociology, which drove home a strong critical thinking mindset based on research. I also developed a bit of a “mister tough guy” attitude after my fishing trip, which meant I didn’t need any help. And I was heavily influenced by western or conventional medicine growing up, as my mother was a registered nurse. To me food was food and as long as I had some in my belly I was good. I didn’t believe in organic food or eating healthy. It was all just a waste of money in my mind.

Despite thinking that Naturopaths weren’t “real” doctors, I was desperate and needed relief, so I made an appointment.

My Transformation

My first visit to a Naturopathic doctor was, well…both refreshing and a bit strange. 

It was refreshing in the sense that my doctor spent time with me—like an hour and a half. He also told me stories, made me laugh, and explored all aspects to my health. I felt truly listened to.

The strange part was that he wanted me to eliminate certain triggering foods from my diet, like dairy, gluten, eggs, and nightshade vegetables.

First off, I didn’t even know what gluten or nightshade vegetables were. And secondly, dairy and eggs were a huge part of my diet since childhood. I didn’t understand how these foods could contribute to my wrist and hand pain. But like I said, I was out of options and sick of being in pain, so I gave it a shot.

To my surprise, my wrist pain finally started to improve. But that wasn’t the only thing, my energy also got better, as well as my digestion, sleep, sex life, and mood. It was great!!! 

So great, that I decided to dedicate the next 5 years of my life at Bastyr University to become a Naturopathic doctor.

About Me

Hey there, thanks for listening to my story. My name is Shawn Postma, and I’m proud to say that I’m a Naturopathic Physician. I work with purposeful individuals who want to get lasting relief, reclaim their health, and thrive in life. 

My Education and Training

I received my B.A. in Comparative Sociology from Puget Sound University and my doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University.  My Naturopathic education consisted of taking all the basic core medical sciences—like anatomy, physiology, pathology, etc., which are similar to what a conventional medical doctor has to take. I also received advance training in nutrition, botanical medicine, counseling, physical medicine, and homeopathy, which is what differentiates me from conventional doctors. In the last couple years of the program, I received focused feedback and experience in a clinical setting from trained Naturopathic physicians. Upon graduating, I was also required to pass standardized clinical boards before I could practice medicine.

In the state of Utah, I am recognized as a primary care physician, which means that I am held to similar standards as a conventional medical doctor, with the ability to order blood work, imaging diagnostics, and prescribe pharmaceutical drugs as necessary. 

My Experience

Early in my career, I worked as a child-care counselor helping children and adolescents with severe mental and behavioral disorders. I was a student counselor for the Bastyr Counseling Center in 2011. I received additional training and certification in homeopathy through the New England School of Homeopathy. My clinic rotations and focus while at the Bastyr Center For Natural Health were in counseling, homeopathy, and biofeedback. I have nearly a 1000 hours of experience from Bastyr as a Professional TA assisting in classes such as spinal manipulation and craniosacral therapy. I recently taught Homeopathy and business as adjunct faculty at Bastyr. Over the past several years, I have also studied Spirituality & Development through the Sundust Oracle Institute.

How I Can Help You

As I mentioned before, I will help you get lasting relief, reclaim your health, and thrive in life. What I didn’t tell you about being a Naturopath is that I am trained to treat the underlying cause of your health issues and consider you as a whole person. In my case, for example, the pain in my wrist had to do more with the foods I ate, rather than some local issue with my wrist itself.

Whether you are struggling with pain, anxiety, stress, fatigue, acne, menstrual cramping, insomnia, hypothyroid, or some other issue, we will make sure to get to the heart of the matter. This is accomplished by having a 60-90 minute comprehensive first visit to review your past medical history, order necessary labs, and discuss your exercise habits, sleep, stress, digestion, mood, etc. I take the time to fully listen to your concerns and answer any questions you may have.

You will not be in the dark around your health either. I will make sure to explain your options in depth and provide plenty of natural suggestions and resources to support you. I will also equip you with “tools” so that you can have a greater sense of autonomy in your health and feel empowered.

Last but not least, I will help you thrive in your life. I believe that your diet and lifestyle can only take you so far. If you want to reach for the top, you have to develop a certain level of self-awareness or mastery. My training in mind-body medicine and spiritual development will get you to the next level. 

Okay, if you are where I was 12 years ago, this may be a bit overwhelming, or even strange. I totally get it! You probably just want help with your anxiety or back pain and don’t care about the rest. I was in your same shoes, remember! I don’t expect you to be interested in everything I offer. I am great at meeting people where they are at and taking them to where they would like to be. No strings attached. My ultimate goal is to help you feel better and to give you plenty of options for improving your health.  

Check out some Reviews I Received on Google:

“When I first began working with Dr. Postma, I had already been turned away from five previous medical doctors who didn’t know how to help me…other than to tell me to “let go of stress” and perhaps try an antidepressant drug. This was a very scary point in my life as I had quickly come upon severe digestive issues, debilitating fatigue, and hormonal acne in a very short period of time. I knew my health had rapidly declined over a period of a few months and I intuitively could not accept that I was simply supposed to relax…My first appointment with Dr. Postma was 2 hours long as he dug into every aspect of my health history and current conditions. I felt heard and understood as a patient. He immediately devised a plan for my recovery, along with my input, and ordered lab tests…I immediately started to feel improvement and like I was on the right track…Dr. Postma’s guidance has been central to my transformation. Having a doctor who can understand and support me in all dimensions of my health and well-being is a rare gem in the medical field…He is someone I trust and has helped me change my life for the better. I will always be grateful for his health care and guidance through that very challenging period in my life.”

“I went to see Dr. Postma because I suspected that my emotional and spiritual health was deeply affecting my physical health, and needed someone with expertise in and passion for both to help me through a challenging time. Dr. Postma made me feel so welcome and safe during my time with him, and was very accommodating of my hectic schedule and my desire to include my wife in my appointments. As a naturopathic doctor myself, I was so impressed with his unique insights into my health, and valued his care for me so much. I wholeheartedly recommend working with Dr. Postma!” 

I am so grateful and humbled to receive these reviews. What a joy!!! I hope that I will have the opportunity to work with you as well.

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If you are tired of going from doctor to doctor, dealing with side-effects of medications, and getting a band-aid for your problems, schedule an appointment today so we can get to the heart of the matter and create a healthy foundation for lasting change. 

Stop blaming your health on old age. Most of the time your age has nothing to do with it. Imagine if it was something simple like changing your diet. Imagine what it would feel like to finally take charge of your health. Imagine thriving and passing along a healthier example to your family…and legacy.

Don’t wait until you have a serious medical issue. Life is too short and precious. Let’s explore some preventative and healthy options together, where you can get proper and safe guidance from me, a trained and experienced professional.

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