Embracing Vitality

What are the things that motivate, inspire, and empower us?  What is it that seems to awaken and come alive when we are inspired and empowered?  How can we tap into this inherent potential and sustain its momentum to make meaningful changes in our lives?  What are the things that inhibit us from moving forward and reaching our highest potential, from feeling vital and inspired?  Why aren’t we using this force predominantly to fuel health and well-being?  Why do we settle for anything less?

Vital Shift: The Vis especially awakens when we follow our dreams.  “When we don’t fulfill our dreams, the Earth becomes sicker” (Char Sundust).  In other words, living a life of “shoulds” deteriorates our health and squelches the Vis.  It prevents us from innovating things that may help us and the Earth thrive.

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