Beyond the Visible

Beyond the Vis: And lastly, a section dedicated for thinking about the Vis in the larger context and its interconnectedness to the universe.


Apocalypse is defined as a “lifting of a veil” or “revelation.”  And of course, some people believe that it means the end of the world.  Lately I’ve been learning more about how the world is just a hologram.  That what we see and come to believe is merely a symbolic representation, often suited to reinforce a particular belief structure.  Beyond that representation, lies much more than what our consciousness is capable of comprehending and able to integrate.

When we look at human consciousness, most of our world is experienced in a very particular way.  This state of consciousness is based more on the rational/irrational mind and ego.  It is has a tendency to be dictated by fear and external power.  Other states of the mind exist however, particularly what we have defined as the subconscious.  The subconscious mind often carries a lot of the “darker” energy and thoughts of life.  Our night dreams is a representation of the subconscious and this type of energy.  This state can be more scary and alien to us, especially since most people rarely remember or pay attention to their dreams.

I wonder if this is where our “new” level of consciousness is going to arise from–our subconscious mind merging with what we call the “conscious mind.”  All the things we tend to suppress and ignore, begins to emerge.  All of our demons and monsters we’ve locked up begin to surface, so to speak.  This state of mind would appear completely alien and feel as if we were being abducted.  But in essence, the only thing that is truly alien is how much we have become alien to our own minds and spirit.

In this in-between state, people might experience the world as if it was coming to an end.  But rather than the world coming to an end, it is a transition that has to become fully integrated into the psyche.  Once integrated, and becomes more familiar, the intensity and discomfort will begin to fade.  It won’t feel as alien anymore.  This is where our spiritual awakening will come from.  It is an opportunity to become more spiritually evolved.

We won’t be able to treat others or ourselves poorly, because we won’t have a subconscious mind to store the things we don’t want to deal with.  We will learn how to treat ourselves and others with love and compassion.  We will deepen our respect and live with integrity.  The illusions we construct for ourselves will fade.  All masks and defenses will fall.  There will not be any more pretending to be something or someone we are not.

So, I suppose that the world will come to an end for some people.  They will be overtaken by the aliens of their mind.  If you hang on for the ride however, things will begin to smooth out as we acclimate to the merging of two worlds.  As with anything unfamiliar, familiarity will ensue in due time.  The abnormal becomes the new normal.  And of course, perhaps the apocalypse will reveal something completely different, or nothing at all?  What will your revelation be?  How will your hologram of reality change?

The Invisibles, by Grant Morrison

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