One of the biggest shifts I made in my health was learning how to create inner peace within in minutes.

Before we learn how to cultivate a new way of being, I invite you to imagine a time when someone or something got under your skin, where you felt stuck afterwards rewinding the scene in your head over and over. For some of us it happens several times throughout the day. It could be that guy that cut you off in traffic, or your boss giving you too much work, or getting into an argument with your partner. There are a plethora of things that could set us off in what I call “reaction land.”

Can you feel the tension just thinking about it? Imagine what we are doing to our bodies and mind on a perpetual basis. If it is not clear, we are wasting tons of energy on the little things that don’t deserve our attention!!! If we think about our energy system representing the fuel in our car, the mini reactions we have all day is like taking detours to work and back, even though the main highway has already reopened months earlier. It is silly to think that we do this, but somehow we have lost touch and become disconnected to our inner guidance system.

While I’m sure there are a million things I could mention about how we have become more and more disconnected over the years, I’d like to focus on what I do to help myself and many of my patients cultivate a greater sense of inner peace.

This simple 5-minute meditation is a visualization exercise that will help you feel centered, connected, and in control. You will learn how to harness your energy better, so that you can focus on things that matter, with a vitality that lasts. It is a visualization that will take you on a journey all the way from the roots of a tree up to sky where leaves glisten in the sun.

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I recommend listening to the meditation with some headphones, in a quiet space, where you feel comfortable. Allow your imagination to open to a different experience each time you listen. Invite in all of your senses–sight, touch, smell, sound, and taste, so that eventually you develop your own spin on the meditation. This is just a starting point to awaken your own way!!!

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