Winter Quarter – Personal Power & Energetic Protection




“If you want to find the Secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” -Nikola Tesla

How is your life force? The force that helps you to heal, gives you the courage to pursue your dreams, and the perseverance to catalyze change. Inherent within us all, our life force is often a reflection of our internal battery (or personal power) and how this energy is being nourished, protected, and exchanged.

In this transformative healing course, we will explore the themes of personal power mainly through the lens of The Four Fold Way, astrology, archetypes, shamanism, and parts work. We will specifically learn more about what depletes our energy, as well as practices to help protect, cleanse, and strengthen our energy.

One of the ways in which we can cultivate our personal power is by accessing the archetype of the Warrior. The Warrior archetype teaches us about leadership and creating healthy boundaries—instead of building armor or walls. It helps us to know when we are giving away or misusing our power. The Warrior archetype also supports us in bringing out our unique gifts and talent into the world in ways that are beneficial to all. Without the Warrior, our precious life essence can become drained, scattered, or restrained.

This course is an amalgam of teaching, deep reflection, and sharing—held within the safety of community. If you are on a healing journey and/or interested in emotional and spiritual development (from a non-religious and nature-based perspective), this course is for you!

Dates: December 16-17th (Fri 7-9p, Sat 10-5p), January 19th & February 16th (7-9p)

Location: Wild Sage Acupuncture – 2258 E. Fort Union Blvd Unit B6, SLC, UT 84121

Cost: $195 (Monthly payment plans are available if needed; please inquire). Space is limited to 8 people.

Instructor: Shawn Postma is a naturopathic physician practicing at the Cameron Wellness & Spa, in Sugar House, UT. He has studied and practiced shamanic medicine, astrology, and cross-cultural ways of healing for the past 10+ years. He is heartfelt about helping people recover from chronic health issues and to fulfill their life potential.