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As we work together to treat the underlying cause of your chronic health issue, I offer many services to meet a variety of your needs and get to the heart of the matter. Click on your desired service below to read more and to schedule an appointment today!

Not sure which service to choose? Start with a Naturopathic visit for a new patient and we will go from there!

Insurance & Fees 

I accept many of the major insurance companies: Regence Blue Shield, Premera, Lifewise, First Choice, Cigna & Aetna. While many of my services are covered by insurance, some are not. Please contact your insurance company to confirm your benefits before scheduling an appointment. For services that are not covered or for those who do not have insurance, I offer a cash-based Time of Service (TOS) discount. Learn more about my specific fees for each service listed below.


Please call (253) 228-3482 at least 24 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule an appointment to avoid a $40 fee.

Naturopathic Medicine

Service: New patient visits are very thorough and take about an hour and a half. You will receive support for your primary health complaint, as well as additional guidance for your overall wellness, including diet and lifestyle. We may also order labs and other specialized testing, such as food intolerances, if further indicated. Return patient visits typically last about 30-60 minutes and are where we will review labs and fine-tune our treatment plan. I highly recommend that this be your first visit with me to ensure that I understand you as a whole person, then we can tailor our treatment from there.   

Insurance: Typically covered
Non-Insurance: Time of Service Discount

  • New Patient– Fee typically ranges from $60-$192, depending on time and level of complexity. *Additional charges may apply if other services are included.   
  • Return Patient– Fee typically ranges from $56-$132, depending on time and level of complexity. *Additional charges may apply if other services are included.   

Physical Medicine

Services: Physical medicine encompasses many therapies that focus on restoring function and mobility to different tissues of the body.

  • Spinal Adjustments: is really helpful for back or neck pain when the issue is primarily the skeletal system, or bones of the body. Our initial appointment will be about an hour, however subsequent visits may range from 15-30 minutes. For return visits, make sure to schedule an appointment for “Physical Medicine- Brief” in my online system.  
    • Insurance: Most insurances cover this service, which is billed under Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT). 
    • Non-insurance: A Naturopathic visit is required for the initial visit for a complete assessment. There is an additional fee of $30-$60, depending on the number of areas treated (per TOS discount). For all return visits, the fee is based on the $30-$60 fee structure. 
  • Therapeutic massage: is ideal for when the issue is more muscular related, such as in tight and sore muscles from overuse, strain, and stress. Please schedule for the full 60-minute slot. 
    • Insurance: May be covered under injury-related claims, however you will need pre-authorization from your insurance for approval.  
    • Non-insurance: $65 per hour. 
  • Myofascial Release & Craniosacral Therapy: If the problem is more soft tissue or stress related, I have found great success utilizing these techniques to release difficult restrictions and to restore the innate ability of the body to heal. Please schedule for the full 60-minute slot. 
    • Insurance: Not typically covered by insurance. 
    • Non-insurance: $65 per hour. 
  • Mind-Body Awareness: I also incorporate a mind-body approach for those who are interested in exploring a deeper emotional connection to pain-related syndromes, as the mind can have a powerful influence on the body. Please schedule for the full 60-minute slot. 
    • Insurance: Not covered by insurance. 
    • Non-insurance: $88 per hour  

The body is a highly complex organism, but I believe that an integrative approach that accounts for the whole person is the key to achieving optimal health and freedom from pain. 

  • Integrative Combination: You can get all or a combination of the above for a 90 minute session, for only $132 dollars (this is not covered by insurance). Please schedule under the “Other-Consultation” section in my online system. 


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